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Unlock the full potential of your impact story.


Let's beat mission
ignorance together

Crafting an impactful report is no easy feat. Too many times, these crucial documents are overlooked, dismissed, or simply lost in the shuffle.

The truth is, dense pages filled with charts, lengthy figures,
and industry jargon can easily become overwhelming. 
We all know the struggle of 'Powerpoint fatigue.'

That's where we come in. We specialize in creating impact reports that really stand out. Ensuring your brand's most pivotal story grabs attention and fosters genuine engagement.

Developing not just impact reports but entire campaigns that live beyond the report, transforming your impact stories into engaging and impactful brand marketing! 


Make the most of your
most important story

  • Track your progress and envision your future
  • Unite your team, build your culture
  • Utilise your mission to drive business growth
  • Get absolute mission clarity & confidence
  • Silence the purpose-washing naysayers
  • Update your investors, attract new investment

Key Ingredients
for Impact Report Success

01. Clear Structure Fit for You

A clear narrative that aligns with your brand & impact strategy.

02. Creativity+

Visual & verbal magic bringing your impact to life.

03. Beautiful Data

Powerful infographics that make your data clear and engaging.

04. Human Content

Make it simple, tangible & humanly relatable.

05. Thinking Beyond

Consider how you may use the impact report beyond just the report.

Previous Impact Reports

Unveiling x+why’s National Expansion Story

Witnessing the convergence of their impact and business growth, creating waves throughout the organization, fostering team unity, and substantiating their claim to be “The Place for Better Business.”

Trusted by our partners to deliver results

We're grateful for the ongoing trust and support from our clients. It's an absolute joy to work alongside them and see them grow. 

“The journey of creating our impact
report with You&Us was incredible. They helped us bring our vision to life, turning our data into a captivating story. The report became our secret weapon for communicating our impact, attracting partners, and driving change. I can’t recommend them enough for their expertise, creativity, and dedication to making an impact that truly matters.”

Phil Nevin, Founder and CCO, x+why

Securing impact investment
during a global crisis

Empowering x+why with the essential tool to secure investment amidst a global crisis. When remote work became the norm, a challenging scenario for any workspace...

Brand case studies & results

Launching Buzzbikes e-bike subscription & selling out in two weeks

Establishing the Buzzbike–EZ as a premium product in a crowded marketplace. Generating hype with a pre-launch lead gen Meta campaign.

Partnering with startups & scaleups with a vision for a better world

We’re looking for the next wave of businesses to collaborate with. Businesses with a difference, businesses that aim to make their world better. Businesses with a mission that goes beyond just making a profit...


Building x+why the brand tools to expand nationwide

Since launching, co-working space x+why has grown considerably to seven sites across the nation. And with this scale came new challenges for the brand system. We evolved it so it could be used by anyone, from site teams to social media managers.

Launching Buzzbikes e-bike subscription & selling out in two weeks

Establishing the Buzzbike–EZ as a premium product in a crowded marketplace. Generating hype with a pre-launch lead gen Meta campaign.

Bringing a business white paper to life with a bold & impactful brand & book

Inspiring the shift towards mission-led business. Exploring the ideas and practices of some of the leading purpose-driven businesses out there. Reading this book is the equivalent to 150 hours facetime with the CEOs featured. 

Complimentary Brand Growth Consultation


A 30 minute informal chat to dig into your brand and business goals. We love to hear about business dreams and challenges and will offer as much information & guidance as we can on the call.

On the call we will discuss

– Your current situation and business challenges.
– Your business & brand aspirations.
– Your ideal customer and why they choose you.

– What you could do to move toward those goals.

Or contact us to discuss your project at ben@youandus.work

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